Moore (2008) uses a qualitative research method to shed light on the power relations and the decision-making among Black, lesbian households. This method analyzed a total of 32 Black women in lesbian step families. Interestingly, the findings... Details >>

The Significance of the Family in East Asian Thought

More than two thousand years ago, an essential part of East Asian thought belonged to Confucius and his doctrine. The main idea of his tenets is that the state cannot be balanced and amicable if its families do not have order. Confucius, like other thinkers, prized... Details >>

Theological Perspective of Family

Each human being strives for building a happy family, healthy relationship, and perfect life. However, many people claim that it is impossible to reach this aim without God’s blessing and His might, which are crucial for turning those desires into reality. All dreams... Details >>

Travel And Tourism Section

Tourism in its modern picture is created with images of prestigious sea resorts, long worldwide travels, and actions of the commercial enterprises, such as Thomas Cook. This research was conducted with aim of analysis of the history and structure of tourism... Details >>

Unintended Consequences of Drug Prohibition

“War on Drugs” is a multi-year global American campaign of drug trade and use prohibition. The efficiency of this policy is debatable and its methods are often criticized. The reasons of such reaction are not only the unsolved problem of the drug use but also the numerous unintended negative consequences which have appeared as a result of this campaign Details >>

The Boys Caught Napping in a Field

The ‘Boys Caught Napping in a Field’ painting was done by William Sidney Mount in 1848 during the pre-civil war era... Details >>