The idea of this paper is taken from the research of Barry Eichengreen’s article “The eurozone crisis: the theory of optimum currency areas bites back.” The author provides the... Details >>

Smallville as a ‘Quality TV’ Show

Television shows are important due to the significant role that they play in America as they have become part American culture. People have become much attracted to watching television shows in a manner that makes it appear as part of the people’s religion... Details >>


Buddhism is considered one of the main world religions. It has a great number of worshippers. The geographical distribution of Buddhism spreads into many countries around the world. Besides, it has a significant social and cultural impact. Despite the fact that Buddhism is mostly considered the eastern religion, it is highly widespread in the western states. It should be mentioned that Buddhism has many common features with Hinduism. They include karma, reincarnation, Maya, and a tendency to ... Details >>

Challenges, Position, and Contributions of Modern Women

The modern era is unique as women feel themselves free after long years of struggle for recognition. Females lead their lives independently and choose the specific role to fulfill. Women are also granted with a great opportunity to get education, engage in business, vote, travel, become politicians and leaders, as well as express their own views even if they contradict with the public or male ones. In the distant past, the procreation was the main role assigned to a woman. Males were responsible for ... Details >>

The Value and Purpose of Humor

The use of humor in daily life is so significant that people cannot estimate its full value. Jokes have become an indispensable part of human life. Laughter, which is shared between two individuals, binds them together, as well as increases the level of intimacy and happiness. In addition, laughter leads to healthy physical changes in the human body. Beyond the function of entertaining people, humor helps individuals to pay attention to pressing issues related to a certain group of people. Comedy, as a form of humor, holds ... Details >>

Immigrants in America

The term Immigrants refers to individuals who leave their mother country to reside in a new country permanently. They may migrate because their motherlands are not safe enough or for economic reasons, including seeking a job in a country they believe pays its employees better. Details >>